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Rachel Redd (born May 30, 1988) was a former ZOOMer from seasons 3 to 4 of the revived version of ZOOM.

Outfits she wore on ZOOM[]

Season 3[]

Rachel wore a pink T-shirt that had a white horizontal stripe with flowers on it.

Season 4[]

Rachel wore a blue denim vest over a different pink T-shirt.


  • Rachel appeared on a special ZOOM episode titled "ZOOM: America's Kids Remember".
  • Rachel is of African-American descent.
  • Rachel says “Oh yeah” when she introduced herself in the theme song in both seasons she was in on Zoom (Seasons 3 and 4).
  • Growing up at home, she had two older sisters named Ivy and Sara.
    • Just like with Kaleigh, the only ZOOMer she did not meet was Alisa Besher who left after the second season. However, they met for the first time in the special episode.
    • Rachel is drinking Ubbi Dubbi Water.
    • Rachel & Kaleigh are auditioned to Ubbi Dubbi Pizza.
  • Prior to her becoming a member of the ZOOM cast, she occasionally appeared in various What Zup segments during season 1.



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