Keiko Lauren Yoshida (born June 11, 1984) is a former ZOOMer from the show was in season 1 of the revived version of ZOOM.


  • Keiko's name means "Lucky" in Japanese.
  • Keiko was born in Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Keiko is of Japanese descent.
  • Keiko wore braces while she was on ZOOM.
  • One time, Keiko teamed up with Caroline Botelho in a ZOOM Do segment on how to make dream catchers.
  • During her only season, Keiko wore a navy blue hooded sweater jacket over an orange t-shirt and blue overalls.
  • Keiko had one older brother is with Christopher Paul Yoshida.
  • Keiko had her parents is with Sarah Quimby Yoshida and David Roy Yoshida.
  • Keiko had her husband is with Todd J. Mathewson.
  • Keiko started coughing when Alisa has Ubbi Dubbi Cough Drops.


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