Cast Members update from the 1970s

  • Nicholas Butterworth - Founder and President and CEO of Diversion Media
  • Mike Dean - Became an Artist and Musician. website (
  • John Lathan - Guest in The West Wing and he was a member of the Engine Crew on Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
  • Danny McGrath - songwriter
  • Leon Mobley - founder of West African Drummers and Dancers gas performed with the Beach Boys and Michael Jackson, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, toured with Ben Harper and Peter Wolf
  • Edith Mooers - was showing signs of genius in math earlier in childhood, won prestigious academic awards in mathematics as a university undergraduate, and went on to earning a Ph. D in Math from MIT. Her father is the late Dr. Calvin Mooers.
  • Maura Mullaney-lask - known to be an Amtrak conductor
  • Jon Reuning - is a NYC playwright and co-founder of the United Stages.
  • Bernadette Yao -
  • Donna Moore - professional singer, actress, and monologist.