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BanjoEisner BanjoEisner 13 days ago

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month on ZOOM Wiki

As you probably know, May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which will showcase initiative across FANDOM wikis. Take a look!

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A former congressional staffer in the 1970s, Jeanie Jew, first approached Representative Frank Horton with the idea of designating a month to recognize Asian Pacific Americans, following the bicentennial celebrations. In June 1977 Representatives Horton, and Norman Y. Mineta, introduced a United States House of Representatives resolution to proclaim the first ten days of May as Asian-Pacific Heritage Week. A similar bill was introduced in the Senate a month later by Daniel Inouye and Spark M…

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Peachycream Peachycream 30 June 2018

ZOOM Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac/Deadly Sins

Here's what I think the ZOOMers should be. Unfortunately, there were only 11 ZOOMers for season 6 and 7. So I decided to leave out the 4 season 6 ZOOMers and have only all of the season 7 ZOOMers in only 7 zodiacs and 7 Chinese zodiacs. Luckily, the deadly sins are 7!

Shing Ying - Virgo/Pride/Rabbit (1999)

Francesco - Aquarius/Lust/Dragon (2000)

Taylor - Pisces/Greed/Snake (2001)

Noreen - Libra/Wrath/Horse (2002)

Emily - Gemini/Sloth/Sheep (2003)

Kyle - Leo/Envy/Monkey (2004)

Nick - Cancer/Gluttony/Rooster (2005)

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Peachycream Peachycream 30 June 2018

My ZOOM Shipping Meme

Here's some of my ZOOM pairings I would ship. And trust me! Nobody knows who he or she is dating.

Kyle X Noreen (former official couple)

Nick X Taylor (semi-relationship)

Kortney X Estuardo (some person on AngelFire shipped that)

Mike X Cara (I had to put it in there 😅)

Francesco X Shing Ying (I ship that pairing 😍)

I decided not to put in Aline, Caroline, Emily, Garrett, or Maya since Emily is taken by another guy who is not on ZOOM, Garret is already married to another girl, and Aline, Caroline, and Maya don't have a relationship of their own. By the way, this is seasons 5, 6, and 7 only.

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